3 Reasons Women Can and Should Feel Confident in Making Their Own Auto Repair Decisions

I have worked alongside men in the automotive repair business for nearly 9 years. I have learned much during this time and I can say that I know more about cars that any average human ever needs! There is however one important lesson I have learned that troubles me greatly. This is that the majority of women still do not feel confident going into an automotive repair facility and making decisions without the help of a man. There are many reasons women feel this way. For years, cars have been considered a “man’s territory” and women were largely excluded. However, I am happy to say women do not need to be excluded from automotive decisions any longer. There are three very simple reasons why women should not feel they cannot make positive decisions about their cars.

1. Cars are not simple

There used to be a time when the good majority of the problems on your car could be fixed with a simple tune-up. I remember my dad, brother, and grandfather working on their own cars. They changed their oil and spent hours in their garages putting in new spark plugs and belts, or at least that’s what they told us ladies they were doing out there! The truth is that 20 years ago cars were much more simple. The cars of today are full of electronics. Many new vehicles do not even have a dipstick for you to check the oil or transmission fluid. A trained technician is required for these once simple procedures. Women can feel confident because when it comes to new vehicles the learning curve is very steep for both genders! With the new electronic upgrades, men are just as clueless as women about their cars.

2. 65% or more automotive repair decisions are being made by women

The last few decades have seen a dramatic shift in the automotive industry. Women, not men are quickly becoming the driving force of the industry. Women are the ones to buy cars for their families and more women are choosing careers in the industry than ever before. We also have more women than men bringing their cars into shops for service and repair! The car manufacturers are sitting up and taking note. New features geared towards women can be found in the latest car models. Some automotive manufactures seem to think that the way to a woman’s heart is through her vacuum and so they have installed built in vacuums into their vehicles. Bless them, for they know not what they do. As women adapt to become the main market for car sales, car manufacturers must adapt to better understand and serve their women clientele.

3. That’s why we are here!

Automotive repair facilities are places where you can learn the things about your car that many people do not understand. It is the job of a good shop to purchase the correct equipment and provide the proper training for their employees. It is our job to be fair and honest with people and to have good communication so that men and women can feel confident knowing they have made the right decision for their vehicles. Remember that the shop is there to serve you.

So the next time you walk into an auto repair facility looking for service you can be confident knowing that you are just as competent in car maintenance as everyone else. Womankind, you are just as capable as any man to make decisions for your car and with a good automotive service team on your side, you can have a healthy and safe car.

Written by Ken Wilke

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